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‘Girega toh bhi, apni tang upar’: Waikar

Narayan Rane ridicules Shiv Sena and blames Congress by releasing posters across the city.

Rane-leadThe moral of Congress leader Narayan Rane is at an all-time low after his dismal performance in the Bandra bypoll. Rane has attacked Shiv Sena in the editorial of his mouthpiece Prahar stating that “even if he fell, he stood up again.” He also vented his frustrations against the Congress party and blamed the party for his failure. Rane was upset with party leaders for not supporting him. He also is unhappy with functioning of the Congress party in Maharashtra which has always sidelined him. Despite defeat, Rane is trying to up the ante by releasing his own posters and disowning responsibility for the debacle.

Suprada Phaterpekar, Shiv Sena Municipal Councillor and Yuva Sena Co-ordinator told Afternoon Voice, “At first glance I really laughed at posters released by Rane. I also feel sorry for Rane’s poor mental condition. A senior leader of Rane’s calibre would have accepted his defeat gracefully without trying to indulge in self-promotion or blaming the party for his failure. I wish a speedy recovery for him.”

Ramesh Rajput, Sena IT cell said, “Rane has never been faithful to any party. Initially, he quit the Sena by attacking its leaders and joined Congress, when he realised that he had no opportunity of becoming the Chief Minister. Later, when Ashok Chavan replaced Vilasrao Deshmukh in 2008, he openly spoke against the Congress’ leadership. It was big media event of those days. Now again he is attacking Congress and posing himself as a strong leader on posters, thereby making mockery of himself.”

Shiv Sena MP Vinayak Raut said, “Narayan Rane was never a trustworthy person. Both Rane and Raj quit Shiv Sena in 2005 and were seriously planning to form their own political outfit but he ditched the latter too.”

RamkadamRam Kadam of BJP slammed Narayan Rane over his defeat to Shiv Sena’s Trupti Sawant saying, “Matoshree var suruvat, Matoshree var shevat.” (The Beginning at Matoshree, the end at Matoshree).
He also commented on the hoardings praising Rane, “Rane won’t gain anything through hoarding tactics as he is already a flop show.”

RavindraRavindra Waikar (MoS) from Shiv Sena, commented on the hoarding which are erected at various places in Mumbai, “There is a saying in Hindi, “Girega toh bhi, apni tang upar” this is the same situation with Rane.”
“I don’t find any sensible reason to comment on an already dead person” he added.

On the other hand, Narayan Rane alleged that Congress has only offered a token support for him while campaigning for the by-poll but had also plotted his downfall. When asked that many leaders had supported him for poll campaigning, he said, “They (Congress leaders) felt threatened by his victory in state Congress. Some leaders had joined him for the campaigning activities while some others didn’t even make their presence felt. Even those who came only participated during the day. At night, they were engaged in anti-Rane activities.”

manikrao-thakre-photoEx- President MPCC, Manikrao Thakre commented saying, “I agree that Rane was a tough candidate and because of him there was a swing in the numbers of vote bank of Congress, compared to earlier elections.”
“We at Congress party worked at the grassroots level for the election. Therefore, it is not appropriate to sideline oneself from the Congress and blame the party for the defeat” he added.

Rane’s mouthpiece Prahar published in its editorial, with the headline ‘Rane won, Congress lost’, also said, “Rane had agreed to take on the Shiv Sena in the constituency which is the home turf of founder late Bal Thackeray, and where party chief Uddhav Thackeray now resides at ‘Matoshree’ because Congress couldn’t field any other candidate to counter the party there. Rane had secured 33,000 votes, while the previous poll tally for the Congress was 12,000 votes.”

Krishna Hegde, Congress Spokesperson said, “I don’t think Rane tried to blame the Congress solely for the defeat. I don’t want to comment on the statements issued by his family. “

“Rane is a senior leader, and I believe losing one or two elections will not make a difference. He fought election to the best of his ability. Technically he may have lost the elections, but I don’t think he is a loser. I don’t know any politician in Mumbai, apart from Sunil Dutt who has never lost even a single election” he added further.

Political Pundits said, “Rane’s win would have most visible impact on the internal dynamics of the state Congress. Rane who always felt that Congress high command never gave him his due as he was denied the post of chief minister and state Congress president, will force party high command to change the leader of opposition in the assembly.”

“Currently, the mild mannered Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil is the leader of opposition in the assembly. He also wouldn’t have hesitated to fight state Congress president Ashok Chavan for the numero uno position in the state unit. So this defeat was for the betterment of state Congress and one cannot overlook the possibility conspiracy. Forthcoming BMC elections will show how much people are angry with the bribe and tax-loot culture of Shiv Sena” they added.

Bandra resident Kushal Mhatre said, “Narayan Rane’s second defeat within a year should open eyes of all those politicians who think that goondagiri will work. Shiv Sena also should not be too happy because there was hardly any choice for the voters (between Narayan Rane and Owaisi’s party) which resulted into the victory of Mrs Nandgaokar.”

Nayan Hegde a (developer) said, “Rane thought his two goon sons could turn the table for him. Money will make all magic to get his desires fulfilled; now he should better understand that the time where elections could be won through political trickery has gone and now it is the educated and informed citizens that rule the perch. The political turncoat, power-crazy Rane has no place in modern politics.”

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