Monday, August 2, 2021
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Good news for Air travellers

Air travelling has become highly cheaper with many low cost flights are operating in the Indian scene. However, the travellers were paying through their nose when it comes to excess flight baggage.  It is a good news that from 15th of this month flyers will not have to pay high tariff of Rs.300 per kg for the first 5 kg of excess baggage and it is reduced to Rs100 per kg. It will ease out the burden of the family people going on transfer from one place to another and to marriage parties travelling with heavy luggage. And these airlines cannot deny boarding to passenger and in case of failure will have to pay compensation if it exceeds one hour from the scheduled first flight. Moreover, the airlines will have to bear the brunt of compensation if an alternate flight is not arranged within 24 hours, the airline will have to pay a compensation of 200% of the base fare or Rs.10,000 whichever is less. In case the alternative is beyond 24 hours, then compensation will be 400% or Rs.20000.  So, the accountability is fixed on airline to stick to the timings and undue delay will be avoided. It is indeed a dream come true situation to air travellers.

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