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Grow old gracefully — Part I

Age is just a number when your plans are very well devised. Aging is inevitable, but to grow old gracefully is a choice. While we know that getting old is unavoidable, how we perceive this natural process depends greatly upon our social and cultural influences. Aging gracefully is about more than looks. It is about accepting the inevitability of getting older, taking care of your mind and body, and being your best self at any age. After all, the life begins after 60 with all additional responsibilities and at a time when you will have to take care of your own health at this crucial time of life and take care of your spouse.

Aging gracefully is not about trying to recapture your 20’s or look like a teenager. People who age gracefully accept that the aging process is natural and normal. They take pride in the fact that they’re survivors. They don’t apologise for their age: they own it. We all have to grow old. It is a fact of life, and one that all of us must face. Some people seem to have taken up the challenge of growing old gracefully, and have an ability to stay happy and youthful, even as they age. They see growing old as another stage of life and treat their old age with as much respect as they did their youth.

As we get old it is important to stay physically active, especially when we no longer work and enter retirement. We should always be using our bodies and regular exercise will improve our quality of life as we age. It doesn’t have to be vigorous; a short walk every day should do it. The fresh air and change of environment is also good for our minds, so exercise outdoors if possible. A person who grows old gracefully knows that age is just a number. It is possible to stay young, with the maturity and wisdom of old age to back it up. So be happy with life, and enjoy growing old.

For older people, ageism is an everyday heart-breaking challenge. Overlooked for employment, restricted from social services and stereotyped in the media, ageism marginalises and excludes older people in their communities, at the very time of life where enjoyment could be paramount.

For no proper reason seniors are abused in the society and that has become a talk in the social media and in the newspaper now-a-days. It is time to have soft corner for the seniors as they should not face the suffering at this old age. After all, today’s youngsters are going to become old after few years and they should realise the social responsibilities and make the seniors feel comfortable all the time. Abuse of seniors in the society is very common ailment as the juniors feel that the life is there for their own liking and the old guys are hindrance to their happy living. Most of them are abused in public and numbers of cases are not reported as fear surrounds seniors in the society and the chances of being kicked out of the household. Help age India survey gave in depth of the sufferings and the reasons for their pathetic way of living. It is time to soft corner for the seniors and the NGOs working on the welfare of such people should have an action plan to identify the needy for their safe and robust living.


(This is the first part of the Diary and the remaining part will continue tomorrow.)

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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