Saturday, June 19, 2021
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GST and Demonetisation – We can see revival signs

After a slow start and demoralising views expressed by the opposition on demonetisation and GST, the blues expressed by the BJP and non BJP members now slowly turning into gold. Revival signs are already shown and FMCG results slowly and steadily more optimistic outlook than ever before. Modinomics is showing desired results after ease of doing business report of the World Bank improved and India jumped 30 points to touch 100 in rankings. This is owning to the slew of reform sin taxation and other vital parameters. It is a hope of green shoots and the cheer for the government. A surprise recovery in volume growth for big consumer firms is raising hopes of a revival in consumption demand. Diwali spending played a significant role and the blues of demo and GST were taken aback and results are optimistic. The so called thin opposition does not have a word to speak about the reforms showing desired results. A surprise increase in sales volumes of consumer packaged goods companies has boosted the hopes of a remarkable recovery in consumption demand. This includes rural consumption and that too show positive results. That gives a leeway for the run up to the implementation of GST, the cash dependents wholesale channel started to down inventory impacting supplies to the interiors of the country. A positive sign in Modinomics proved the opposition wrong and give a big hope for better things to follow.

Nickhil Mani

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