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High drama outside the court Mock suicide attempt by fan

Youth tries to commit suicide for grabbing the attention of Salman Khan and media.

FANThere are endless strugglers from Bhubaneswar to Bagalpur trying for an opportunity in Bollywood. The so called Salman Khan fan who attempted suicide outside Bombay High Court, Gourango Kundu was hysterical and distressed because his dreams remained unfulfilled. The court was hearing the actor’s bail plea in the 2002 hit-and-run case.

Gourango has come to Mumbai from West Bengal and is an aspiring script writer. Before attempting suicide, he distributed pamphlets among onlookers and fans of Salman. Kundu was hoping that Salman would help him showcase his talent but also was worried that his dreams will be shattered if the actor does not get bail. He thought by performing this publicity stunt, he can grab the attention of Salman and media. The news went viral but soon after he got admitted to hospital his intentions were exposed.

The onlooker said, “Gourango first distributed pamphlets to people around. It contained the photographs of him touching the feet of Salman Khan. By displaying these photographs Kundu was only trying to show that he was extremely close to Salman. He was not alone and was accompanied by some friends and they all were in a hurry to have glimpses of Salman Khan. Soon after Salman entered the court, Gourango moved towards the group of police and consumed something and started shouting he doesn’t want to live. Police immediately rushed him to hospital.”

Another person in the crowd said, “He was well dressed with his office bag and some papers in hand, he was shifting between media personnel and police. Very smartly he attempted suicide, maybe he was aware that someone from the crowd will come forward to rescue him.”

“Gourango aspired to become a Bollywood script writer but did not get any opportunity to display his talent. After that, he started sending his scripts to Salman Khan and many other production houses hoping that the actor would give him a break in the industry. He became distressed because if Salman does not get bail, his dreams would remain unfulfilled and hence he allegedly consumed poison in the presence of police personnel, knowing that he would be rescued and also can make his plea reach to Salman. He went unconscious and has been taken to hospital” police said.

On the other hand, Salman completed his bail formalities in Mumbai session court yesterday and returned home. His passport has been surrendered to the police earlier. The actor can apply for permission before the High Court to travel abroad. The court will issue next directions on 15th June, and the hearing on actor’s appeal will take place in July.

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