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Hijab Controversy at Kolkata College: Teacher Resigns, Returns Amid Public Uproar

A teacher at LJD Law College in Kolkata resigned after being asked to refrain from wearing a hijab at work. After her resignation sparked public outrage, the college clarified it was a miscommunication, and the teacher plans to return. West Bengal minister Siddiqullah Chowdhury sought an apology for the incident.

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A teacher at a private law college affiliated with the University of Calcutta resigned after the institute allegedly asked her to refrain from wearing a hijab at the workplace.

Following public outrage, the college authorities clarified it was a miscommunication. The teacher, Sanjida Qadar, plans to return on Tuesday after withdrawing her resignation.

Sanjida Qadar, who has been at LJD Law College for three years, initially resigned on June 5, alleging that the authorities had instructed her not to wear a hijab after May 31. “The diktat from the college governing body offended my values and religious sentiments,” she said.

West Bengal minister and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind president Siddiqullah Chowdhury expressed solidarity with Qadar and called for an apology from the college governing body president. The minister also questioned whether the authorities were influenced by the RSS and BJP.

The college governing body chairman Gopal Das stated there was no directive and that the incident resulted from miscommunication. “There was no directive or prohibition, and the college authorities respect the religious sentiments of everyone. She will resume classes on Tuesday. Now, there is no misunderstanding,” Das told PTI.

Despite receiving an email stating she could use a dupatta or scarf to cover her head, Qadar said she would analyze her next steps before deciding to return. The minister alleged the management is instilling regressive values and questioned their secular and pluralistic values.

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  1. There is no controversy about hijab, the problem is that we are in a HINDU COUNTRY, we are in century 21, we have to ban burka in public places NOW, is not tolerable, under any circumstance, plus in the schools burka can be used to other person give a test instead of other, or use of Bluetooth earphones, (students do that).

    Burka can hide explosives in markets, are a potential risk to the national security. Should be banned, if they wish they can use it in their temples or houses.

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