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Hooch Tragedy – Lapse on the part of Government Machinery  

Hooch tragedy happened at Malwani has taken the country by storm as 94 deaths were reported and 35 still fighting for their life. The tragedy could have been avoided, if the government machinery was able to track the illegal making of hooch within the state.  Police force failed to spot it right to make them stop illegal manufacture of the spurious liquid. Hospitals within the vicinity lacked the much needed life support ventilator and thereby the victims coming in large numbers could not be provided the required treatment. Thus, it was total chaos that causes all the problems and the human life does not have value in front of the government eyes.

Blame games of the politicians started over the tragedy, which is also adding much chaos over it. Congress state president Ashok Chavan has held the state government responsible for the hooch tragedy in which 90 people were killed after consuming spurious liquor. He alleged on Saturday that the illicit liquor business was in full swing as it gets backing from politicians in power. Leader of opposition in the Legislative Assembly Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil has demanded resignation of excise minister Eknath Khadse for the tragedy.

Mass consumption of spurious liquor and lack of planning in treatment of Malwani hooch tragedy victims could have led to high number of casualty.

While treating methanol toxicity patients, stabilising then is priority. These needs to be immediately followed by steps to remove metabolic acidosis where ethanol needs to be given. A person having methanol toxicity needs dialysis with ICU management despite no kidney failure. This is to help the body throw out the toxins that build up in the body. Depending on the levels of toxicity, hemodialysis has to be repeated

From the poor people side, the thirsty lots are ready to drink whatever available as most of the celebrities show the way how to consume the deadly drink on regular purposes with their ads. In films also such scenes are not censored but a caution of slide follow the scene as a matter of protecting the interest of the people. It is a matter of great concern and the people should be made to repent for their follies and the authorities should be made accountable for all their lapses.

Relatives begged for help from the other media people present at the scene. Police have started their investigations and are now blaming the locals for not coming out and stating before them. This tragedy is lesson not only for the authorities but also for common man that greediness and craving for the fewer amounts things can lead to big disaster.

K Subramaniam


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