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I beg to differ with Gavaskar

Sports lovers including myself are shocked and surprised at Sunil Gavaskar’s comment that he sees nothing wrong with Indian Olympic Association ( IOA) appointing Salman Khan as the Indian Olympic Contingent’s goodwill ambassador citing IPL’s popularity to Bollywood stars. IPL has destroyed Indian cricket and the league everyone knows is full of controversies and played for book makers. International cricketers including those from India play for money than pride. What good is such an league Mr. Gavaskar when several cricketers including the likes of Pollard skip playing for their nation in T-20 world cup but make themselves available for IPL and there are several of such big names in IPL.

Today, it has become a marketing gimmick to promote films and film stars make appearances on popular shows when their films are released be it dance shows or comedy nights. Salman has done a film on wrestling and his producers and public relation (PR) team thought it as a brilliant idea to get Salman Khan the job of ‘goodwill ambassador’ which would make his film a hit. True sportsman like Gavaskar and others should promote men from their profession for sports administration and laurels than fall prey to the glittering world of glamour and films. Sorry Mr Sunil Gavaskar, I have very high respect as a sportsman for you but beg to differ on your comments on Salman Khan which I find it silly and stupid!

S.N. Kabra

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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