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I have been seen as a celebrity, not actress: Lindsay Lohan

holly-lohanActress Lindsay Lohan says she hates when people treat her like a celebrity and not as an artiste.

Lohan, 28, who is all set to make her West End debut in DavidMamet`s `Speed-the-Plow` later this year, said people forgot her stint as a child actress since she was three-year-old, reportedly.

“People have certain perceptions of me. For a long time, people looked at me as kind of a celebrity, which is something I never wanted… That`s not what I got into this industry for. I`ve been doing this since I was 3 years old and I`ve been on set since I was 6. People kind of forgot that, and I think now is a good time,” she says of her comeback.

“And what better than to do it with the great people that I`m working with on stage in London… So that people can focus on the fact that I`m in this industry because I`m an actress and an artist and not just someone you take photos of?,” she said.
Lohan`s name became synonymous with partying, and the actress says she is no more bothered by her frequent legal troubles in her life.

“I don`t understand the crazy fascination with me because it kind of scares me. Even when I`m not doing anything, they create something that I`m doing. But I`m so numb to it at this point that it doesn`t affect me personally. Whereas in the past I think it did a little bit and I was out in LA on my own,” she added.

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