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Illegal Madarsa is coming up?

Members of the Ahle-Sunnat-Val-Jamat trust nonetheless say that the mosque is legal and it was constructed prior to 1995.

Masjid-LeadEven though some residents of Girishikar apartments are opposing the construction of Jamalia Gausiya Madrasa Masjid (Badi Masjid) at Kaju Pada, Borivali (E) terming it as illegal but members of the Ahle-Sunnat-Val-Jamat trust says that the masjid is legal and it was constructed prior to 1995. Later a temporary roof structure was constructed. In the year 2008 former Corporator Bhaskar Khursange had provided funds to construct the mosque from the development fund.

AdamWhen AV spoke to Adam Deshmukh a member of the trust said, “We had surrendered some plot to the BMC for road widening project and builder Anil Shah for construction purpose. Many people have come forward to support us including Maharashtrians only few of them have raised objections against the structure.”

Kismat-shaihkKismat Shaikh another member said, “We use to perform marriages functions and celebrate Bakri-id in this mosque. We offer prayers in this mosque. Earlier we used to offer prayers on road which was causing huge inconvenience to us and other residents.”

sadikSadiq Jagirdar said, “The BMC had taken the possession of our land but they never provided any alternate plot to us. During rainy session we have to face huge hardships as water enters our house as the road is constructed at a higher level. We can organise marriage functions and other religious functions in the mosque.”

Sayad Ali said, “The mosque construction work has been happening since last 10 days. However some people are interrupting and creating a hindrance in the construction work. They also filed a complaint against us as BMC halted the work. We possess all legal documents and have submitted the same to Mr Gandhi, Ward officer. We also had a meeting with DCP Ugly. Since Bakri-Eid is approaching hence the construction work needs to be completed as soon as possible. People complaining against us must realise that the mosque is constructed for religious purposes and it is legal.”

Former Corporator Bhaskar Khursange said, “I had helped them in the constructing of mosque and also had provided funds from the development fund in 2007-2008. The construction is not illegal as it existed prior to 1995. Trustees may have failed to obtain permission from the BMC for carrying out the renovation work hence the civic body had halted the construction work.

When we tried to contact BMC officials they were unavailable for comment.

By Maya Gohil

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