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Impacts of climate change

Rapid climatic changes have been witnessed across the world. Since last 100 years human civilization has made a remarkable growth. We caused harm to the environment and were more focussed about modernization and development. We reached the moon and other celestial bodies on the strength of this development but are least bothered about our existence on earth. Scientists are studying about the weather condition of Mars but are least bothered about changing weather on the earth. Today world is witnessing climate change. In some regions rainfall has become untimely and at some others desert is covered by snow sheets. Another example of this came to sight, when a famous photographer Karim Buchetata shared the pictures of snow covered Sahara desert on the internet.

According to an analysis, the temperature in the foothills of Atlas Mountain region was 10 to 15 degree cooler than normal. Snowfall occurred in Algerian city Ain Sefra, which is situated between Atlas Mountain and northern boundary of Sahara desert. According to scientists, this is the beginning of change in Sahara. Several studies say that about 41 hundred years ago, this desert was quiet opposite than what it is today. At that time, this area was full of greenery. But with the passage of time, earth’s surface came closer to Tropic of Cancer and gradually the normal atmosphere changed in Sahara. Breezes started warming. Earth surface became rough and sandy. Now, once again the cycle is changing and the return of greenery in Sahara has begun again.

The other reason why snowall is occurring is due to rising global warming. Actually, emission of greenhouse gases has increased continuously due to day by day rise in pollution. Thus, the earth’s average temperature is rising and because of increasing temperature the entire cycle of season is changing.

All of us are responsible for global warming and creating natural imbalance, which the world is facing today. In December 2015 a meeting was held between many countries in Paris to discuss about global warming. However, instead of passing any resolution countries were busy pointing fingers at each other. Even today when this problem has exacerbated people are least bothered to conserve environment.

Statistics shows that almost all developed and developing countries are responsible for the climate change. China alone ejects 11 billion tons of carbon every year whereas America emits 5.8 billion ton. India and Russia ejects 2.6 billion ton and Japan emits 1.4 billion tons of carbon each year. It clearly means that China is the biggest culprit for the pathetic condition of the environment however other nations like USA, Russia or India are equally responsible for global warming. All of us are aware about what is the condition of our national capital and other big cities. Therefore time has come for India to remain alert and conserve environment. If the condition doesn’t improve in future the day is not far when snowfall will be witnessed in Thar (Rajasthan) also.

Moreover, forest and trees plays a vital role in balancing the environment but sadly we are destroying them for development. More forest cover is required to absorb carbon dioxide. For example, in developed countries like Japan and Russia, the percentage of forest cover is 67 and 45 respectively. On the other hand, India has only 24.4 per cent of forest cover which is rapidly dwindling every year. We have cleared jungles in the guise of industrial development and growing population. The snowfall in Sahara doesn’t mean that it is a matter of concern only for African countries as such incidents might occur in our country too.

Vivekanand V. Vimarya

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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