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In Nevada four killed by air accident at Las Vegas airport

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In air accident on Sunday four people died after two small planes collided in mid air at North Las Vegas Airport authorities said.

The City of North Las Vegas Fire Department tweeted, “At this time, there are four reported fatalities. The accident is still under investigation,” .

As per National Transportation Safety Board tweet the tragedy is still under investigation which happen in Las Vegas that involve two small plans Piper PA-46 and a Cessna 172N which both are singer engine plane with fix wings.

It indicates that the Piper PA-46 was preparing to land when it collided with the Cessna 172.

According to local news television channel in Las Vegas, The Piper crashed into a field east of Runway 30-Right and the Cessna fell into a water retention pond.

Each aircraft had two people aboard, the report added.

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