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India celebrates 70th Independence Day

As India celebrates her 70 years of independence on August 15, 2016, we are reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of swaraj. Many of our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to free the nation from the tyranny of British rule. But although India is a sovereign nation, its citizens continue to be enslaved by serious economic, cultural and social problems. In order to free ourselves, we must think about what the freedom fighters, who played such a vital role in the independence movement, would have wanted for the nation.

In India, Independence Day is celebrated by people of all religions, cultures and traditions with great joy and happiness. A big celebration is organized by the government of India at the Rajpath, India Gate in the National Capital, New Delhi where people of all religion, culture and tradition gather together to listen to the patriotic speech of our Prime Minister. By celebrating this event, we commemorate those all great people who had sacrificed their lives and loved ones in making India an independent country.

Homage is paid to all those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. After the Prime Minister’s speech, the functions come to an end with the recital of our national anthem. Independence Day reminds us of those patriots who fought and suffered to win freedom for us. It also reminds us of our duty and responsibility to our country.  It also inspires us to follow the teachings of peace and non-violence that was preached by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation.

Jubel D’cruz

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