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India Pakistan must jointly fight terror

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon his global counterparts to drop “his terrorist is not my terrorist “attitude in favour of a well-networked approach to effectively root out terrorism once and for all.” India’s PM Modi’s short visit to Pakistan on 25th December surprised everyone and just after that on the intervening night of December 31st and January 1st, Pathankot’s airbus was attacked. It is observed that there has always been some or the other stumbling blocks whenever India-Pakistan plans on a joint effort to curb terrorism or for that matter any other important issues. I fully endorse the statement that “Both countries should now focus on joining hands to create an effective resistance against the militant outfits, who are busy plaguing the entire world.” There are many important issues between India and Pakistan  such as business and economic issues, Afghanistan, condition of Hindus and Sikhs and their places of worship in Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan should discuss all the issues frankly as it is of utter important that the two governments should carefully plan their next step. Both countries should act as a mature country and take a leadership role.

Vinod C. Dixit

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