Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Indian Plunder League

Slam-bang league is back and the IPL extravaganza saw many episodes and the controversy continues to haunt the game.  Whenever there is a bloated money chest a scam is inevitable.  That is what we witnessed in eight editions of IPL and it does not augur well for the game, especially in an Indian scenario. This is exactly what has happened in the high profile IPL. With such obscene amounts of money, this has become the norm. All the parties involved are accusing each other. The IPL extravaganza has become hotter. Finally when the dust settles it will boil down to a state and the murkier role played by players and officials came in open spoil the image of Indian cricket. The IPL is nothing but a glorified way of making easy money and the gentleman’s game of cricket is brought to disrepute.

Calicut Ramanathan Krishnan

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