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Is BJP afraid of Sena?

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Modia-LeadEver since the BJP had broke off the 25 year old alliance with Shiv Sena the party has gone into a defensive mode and has refrained itself from attacking Sena. BJP leaders like Nitin Gadkari have been saying that even though they have severed ties with Sena but there is no hard feelings against the latter. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to utter a single word against the enstranged ally Shiv Sena. Has the BJP softened its stand over Sena as it is worried about losing the assembly election after the break up? He nonetheless has been attacking Congress and NCP and blamed these parties for rising corruption and inflation in the state. After the demise of Gopinath Munde BJP doesn’t have an able leader in Maharashtra who can take the party forward and resolve the seat sharing issues amicably.

“This is the first election in the absence of Balasaheb Thackeray. I have decided I will not say anything against the Shiv Sena. This is due to my respect for the great leader,” Modi said

On the other hand, Shiv Sena has been attacking BJP and has been holding the latter responsible for the failure of talks. Sena president Uddhav Thackeray has been aggressively attacking the BJP and saying that the party has cheated the people of Maharashtra by calling off the alliance. He also said that people will give a fitting reply to the saffron party and said that Modi wave doesn’t exist now. According to him, there is a huge difference between the Lok Sabha and assembly election as there is no guarantee that BJP will replicate the success achieved by it in the general election in assembly polls.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that the party is not ruling out a post poll alliance even though difference of opinion exists between both Sena and BJP. Gadkari also expressed regret over the ending of 25 year old alliance. He said, “In the future we can meet and form an alliance”.
“Sena has unilaterally declared the CM candidate. Previously it was decided whichever party gets the maximum seats gets the CM post. Initially, we wanted the 144:144 formula but later we decided that we can come down. We were demanding for seats where Sena lost their security deposit. But Sena refused and that is why the alliance broke,” Gadkari said.

State BJP president Devendra Fadnavis ruled out the possibility of any post-poll alliance with NCP.

“The BJP was at the forefront while exposing the scams by the NCP ministers, including by deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar,” he said.

“There will never, never, never be any alliance between BJP and NCP in Maharashtra,” Fadnavis said while spelling out a long list of issues which were raised by him in the state Assembly about crucial sectors of irrigation, power and finance to put Pawar in the dock.

Shiv Sena’s youth wing president Aditya Thackeray blamed the BJP for backstabbing Sena after winning the Lok Sabha polls. He said,
“BJP grew in Maharashtra by holding the hand of Shiv Sena. However, as soon as the party came to power at the Centre, it snapped ties with the Sena. By doing this, the BJP has back-stabbed late Balasaheb Thackeray.”

MNS supremo Raj Thackeray has held NCP chief Sharad Pawar responsible for the 25-year-old Shiv Sena-BJP alliance split in Maharashtra ahead of the Assembly polls.

“He (Pawar) told a senior BJP leader that you break the alliance with Sena and we (NCP) will support you,” Thackeray alleged.

Thackeray claimed that one of his close confidantes had heard the conversation which was confirmed to him (Thackeray) by a journalist friend.

He criticised Congress, NCP, BJP and Shiv Sena – for the dramatic developments leading to break up in the two groups and blamed them for mess in the state.

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