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Isn’t it arrogance?

Poonam-Mahajan-leadMaharashtra Rural Development Minister Pankaja Munde who is yet to prove her mettle in politics has been getting a bit too big for her boots. Elderly persons have been touching Pankaja’s feet but she doesn’t have any objections even though there is a huge age difference between her and them. Such type of incidents only goes to show that Pankaja has become arrogant and is trying to take her post too seriously.

At a time when the state is facing severe drought Pankaja is overlooking those problems and is only indulging in self-promotion. Even though Pankaja lacked experience in politics and administration she was eyeing the chief ministerial post. The BJP had only fielded Pankaja and her sister Pritam for assembly polls to garner sympathy votes after the demise of Gopinath Munde. Pankaja nonetheless have to work hard at the grassroots level if she has to fill the void left behind her father.

Pankaja performance has been poor and lackluster as she is nowhere close to the benchmark set by her father late Gopinath Munde. Political analysts have been criticising her leadership skills and ability to connect with masses. She has been unable to provide basic amenities to rural people and has only been making promises.

After Munde died in a road accident in New Delhi in June, 2014 Pankaja has emerged as the new OBC face of BJP in Maharashtra.

Laxman-SahniLaxman Sahni said, “OMG. She’s one of the failed ministers and displaying too much arrogance. She doesn’t even resist when elderly persons touch her feet.”

Pradeeppradeep said, “Gopinath Mundeji would not have allowed it. He was a leader who worked at the grassroots level.”

Dr Kriti ‏ “Shameless BJP leader. She doesn’t know how to conduct herself in public life. Why can’t she learn from her father’s work?”

M N Sodhi said, “It took 5+ years for UPA to get arrogant, just 5 months for BJP. Pankaja is only cashing in on her father’ name.”

Ishwar-KandpalIshwar Kandpal ‏ said “It’s shameless act by a minister. She is making a mockery of democracy.”

Bala Thamidisetty said,“Are the BJP leaders viewing this arrogant shit…? They should ask her to behave properly in public.”

NazirNazish Rahman said, “That’s a real shame. Pankaja is an immature politician and she needs to grow up. She should work for the development of her constituency.”

Shubhada Joshi said, “You can see her folded hands but others can see her feet. Yes perception varies. They feel they rightly deserve it. They are above others because they are SUPER PATRIOTS though did nothing.”

AvidandiyaAvidandiya said, “Socially bankrupt nation it’s all about power nothing more in this nation grab it to survive or bend down.”

Rupal Vasavada ‏ said, “She wanted to be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra ! She’s taking full advantage of the sympathy wave.”

K-KhoranaK Khorana said, “Asabhyata. Leaders are only hungry for power and don’t work for the welfare of people.”

LtLt Cdr Rajesh (Retd) said, “How sad! Pankaja should not allow this to happen. Is she above the party?”

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