Saturday, June 12, 2021
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It’s Delhi’s turn now

I am really happy and relieved to watch the mob which dragged the rape accused and lynched him in Dimapur, Nagaland. I guess it’s not only me but many girls must have appreciated this act because we need people like them who will not only support the victim but punish the rapist. The manner in which that rapist was brutally assaulted and the way he was bought out of the jail is something inspirational. I salute those people who bravely stood out and my sincere prayers to those who lost their lives for bringing justice to the victim.

Whom do we blame for delivering such a lame verdict for the rapist in India? Should we blame the democracy or ourselves for being democratic? Is our constitution that degraded that we need to refer so many sections for delivering the final verdict? How do Indian judiciary provides defence lawyers to rapists and terrorists? This practice must be stopped. If the crime committed by them is proved then it is not necessary to provide them lawyers for defending their case.

Now I must say BBC has got another subject from India to broadcast a documentary named India’s daughter which was watched by me. There was a scene in it where rapists were passing through the security scanner before leaving the prison. As they were moving forward one of the security officers stopped him so that he could go out first and let them follow from behind. When the security officer passed the gate these rapists were making fun of them.

As compared to rapists, their lawyers were issuing the most unwarranted statements. I was shocked after watching this footage. Not only me but I guess many people must have hated them. According to me, people should lynch those lawyers, who said “Girls are nothing but sex in the eyes of men”. I also criticize those people who consider men are superior as compared to women.

Just because you are defending criminal that does not mean you speak their language and forget humanity. Even those rapists made flabbergasting statements but they are uneducated and unaware about facts. On the other hand, how could lawyers issue such irresponsible statements despite being educated? What is the difference between education provided to the wrong man or wrong education given to the right man?

I believe very soon we might notice mob lynching in Delhi too. Rapists have not been awarded stringent punishment. Mob lynching was indeed waiting to happen. How long do we have to tolerate this incompetent judicial system or inept policing system?

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