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Jenelle Evans: Smoking Cigarettes … and Breastfeeding Son?

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Jenelle-EvansSince giving birth this summer, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been declaring proudly (and frequently, social media maven that she is) that she’s breastfeeding.

Opening up about the challenges of nursing, and parenting overall, the reality star has shared her thoughts, pictures, and opinions. It’s been great stuff, mostly.

At least until we learned that Jenelle Evans is still smoking cigarettes …

Last week, this became public knowledge after shared a seemingly innocent picture of baby daddy Nathan Griffith passed out with a headset on.
A sweet and funny moment, until we looked at the bottom of the chair.

Evans’ Twitter followers, eagle-eyed and forever detail-oriented, called her out, which prompted Jenelle to address the criticism she obviously incurred:

“Nobody smokes in my house. We step out on the front or back porch.”

Yes, as in herself and/or Nathan Griffith, the mom of two confirmed.

“I’m outside right now smoking a cig lol,” she Tweeted at a follower.

Don’t quite know who’s LOLing at that one, Jenelle. Do tell.

Evans is still breastfeeding her baby son Kaiser, the last time we heard, and the smoking is probably not doing the infant any favors. Just saying.

If one is breastfeeding and sleeping with a child, the secondhand impact is there, even if she thinks she’s minimizing it (which she obviously does).

According to experts, it can reduce one’s milk supply, making breastfeeding more difficult, and exposure to fumes can cause children to develop asthma.

Your move, Jenelle.

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