Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Kakrapar plant leakage

The news of the Kakrapar nuclear plant leakage shows us the red, danger signal of the use of the nuclear generated power. It may develop our friendly relations with the uranium supplying countries like the US, Australia etc., but at the cost of the safety of crores of our nationals. As we have come to know the news about the solar power generating units in Rajasthan and Gujarat on very large scales. I think it will be far better, cheaper and also the safest choice to go for the solar power only. A housing society of Kandivali (W) has installed the solar power generating panels, and thereby saving thousands of rupees every month. This housing society has not only saved money but also looked after safety aspects. Therefore, no hazardous, highly dangerous and killer nuclear generated power machinery should be adopted anywhere in India, including in Jaitapur and Kudankulam. The solar power is the safest and also the cheapest because of free availability of the sunlight nearly for ten months a year in India.

Hansraj Bhat

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