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Kala Dhan: A failed promise

BJP has not made any headway in bringing back black money stashed overseas.

Black-Money-LeadEven though 100 days have passed since the BJP had formed government at the centre but the party is yet to fulfil its promise of bringing black money stashed overseas. The saffron party had raised this issue while campaigning for the Lok Sabha election. Earlier it had criticised the UPA government for its inaction against black money. More than three months have passed but the party has not made any headway in bringing back black money. Narendra Modi’s government after coming to power decided to form a (Special Investigation Team) SIT in order to fast-track the process of bringing back black money. The BJP had also laid emphasis on this issue during the poll campaign.

Arun Jaitley had said that the government is trying its best to bring back black money. However he conceded that Swiss authorities have raised some legal issues after India had asked them to provide a list of people with illegal accounts in their banks. To make matters worse, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey had said that the government won’t be able to bring back the black money from Switzerland in its lifetime. Members of National Students Union of India (NSUI) had staged a protest outside Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s residence with a call for bringing back black money to India.

Mayank-Gandhi“BJP has won the elections by making tall promises. The country has been taken for a ride. They should be held accountable for the promises made by them. The branding, advertising done prior to the elections makes no sense” said Mayank Gandhi, National Executive Member of AAP.

Krishna-Hedge-LeadKrishna Hedge, Congress MLA from Vile Parle said, “The BJP had promised many things before elections. One of them was to reduce inflation. However, the railway fares have increased. Prices of vegetables have risen by 50 per cent. Narendra Modi is seen more abroad than in the country. Before elections, PM had promised to take a strong stand against Pakistan but he had invited Pakistani PM in his swearing-in-ceremony. People are still suffering from price rise”

Bhaskar-Jadav-LeadBhaskar Jadhav, Congress MLA said, “We should ask this question to Ramdev Baba. He had earlier said that he along with BJP would bring back black money. Running the country is not a child’s play. Their promises remain unfulfilled.”

Rohini-LeadRohini Salian, public prosecutor said, “All politicians make tall promises before elections. However, their promises must be practical. They merely make promises for the heck of it. It is not just with BJP but all political parties.”

Shaina NCBJP spokesperson Shaina NC she said, “We are working on bringing back black money to India. It is not as if we have not made any headway in this matter.”

GopalBJP MP Gopal Shetty said, “We had never said that we will bring back black money in 100 days. We have already taken a step in this regard. We have formed a SIT. The work done by SIT has been submitted to the Supreme Court and it is pleased with our work.”

Vinita Mewar, a student from Kandivali said, “Where is achche din? The BJP has failed to fulfill any of its promises, just like AAP. The only developments are happening only in Gujarat and Varanasi. What about other places? Development should be holistic.”

Ritika Jain, an MBA student from Andheri said, “Political parties just waste tax payers’ money by conducting rallies and through advertisements. There is no outcome of the rallies. People should not attend their rallies and media should not give them publicity. Let them work to prove their worth.”

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