Friday, July 30, 2021
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Khaat Pe Charcha

Rahul Gandhi seems to be a man from Istanbul and trying to lay hand in India.  His move to bring people together under one roof seems to have backfired time and again. Instead of having a constant touch with the people and working for their welfare the Congress Vice-president is in no man’s land and lands up in a embarrassing position most of the time. Congress joining hands with AAP was trying to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi in many ways and the moves failed to yield results and Rahul is at the receiving end most of the time.  Rahul’s so called address to the people was not covered by the TV Channels as they are busy focusing on looting he Khaats by the people present in the meeting. The very purpose of bringing cots from Bihar was just defeated and now the Congress party will have to tether the cots to ground for two more such meetings planned. Rahul is facing such futile exercises.

Chitra Krishnan

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