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Kim Kardashian Nip Slip Photo: Yup, That’s a Giant, Naked BOOB on Instagram!

kimmmmmWith her latest controversial Instagram snapshots, could Kim Kardashian be conducting an intricate social experiment in which we are merely pawns?

We doubt she even knows what any of that means, but this makes you wonder:
Yesterday, Kim went back to blonde, which was like SO shocking even though it’s at least the third time … except her eyebrows were still brown and she looked terrible.

Because she punked us! “It’s just a wig! Looks so real though right?” she wrote.

Oh yes. So real. Only most fans weren’t looking at her hair after a second.

In the uncensored (NSFW) photo below, Kim suffers an epic nip slip, although even calling this a nipple slip is a bit of a misnomer, as there was no slippage.

She is topless and there is full-on boob action hanging out there for all.

Is Kim Kardashian actually wearing a sheer top, and therefore not really topless, you ask? If so, there’s no visible neck strap … and it’s sheerer than sheer.

Because BOOB. See it for yourself after the jump …

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