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Kristen Johnston feels thankful every day, post lupus surgery

Holly-Kristen-JohnstonEmmy-winning actress Kristen Johnston, who is recovering from a lupus myelitis, feels grateful for each day that she spends and does not take anything for granted.

The 46-year-old `3rd Rock from the Sun` star could have ended up quadriplegic had she gone late for the treatment, according to her doctor, reported a magazine.

“Every single day is a gift, and I don`t take one second of it for granted,” she said, adding, “If I had to live like that forever, I would have killed myself.”

Johnston was clueless what had happened to her and she went to 17 doctors, who could not figure out the problem.

By the time the auto-immune disease was diagnosed, it had left the actress so weak and exhausted she could not lift her neck without a brace.

She checked into the hospital for treatment, including chemotherapy and steroids and now after six months, she is in remission. “But if she had waited a few weeks longer, she could have ended up quadriplegic,” the doctor said.

Though she is still recovering, Johnston suffered a shattered bone during a hike recently, due to side effects of her treatment. “Every day I`m amazed that I can lift my head,” the actress said.

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