Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Lalit Modi is an achiever

I don’t want to comment on Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj or Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia but just to say light heartedly that both these ladies are overweight. They must start exercises to cut down on their weight or start Yoga. I have no intention of disrespecting these ladies.

Lalit Modi is clearly an achiever. I don’t know the charges against him but the way he was defending and debating on the popular TV channel anchor has endeared me. Before even the question finished, he had shot out the answer. He started the IPL. Now, IPL is good or bad is another issue but all of us watch it and enjoy it. I will criticize Lalit Modi because I could not meet him and derive pleasure of his hospitality. However, I do secretly desire that someone should introduce me so I can also go to Lisbon.

In India, we talk of honesty till we manage to occupy a chair. Immediately, we occupy a chair, we set about finding avenues to earn illegitimate money and seek two Ws.

We don’t want to work. We don’t want to make coastal road saying it will damage environment, as if environment is very clean today, Okay. Then build something else. Learn the technique from those who have already built something in their own countries and do it here. But, when we can’t build roads in Mumbai and maintain them, how can we go in for something bigger? Rise up to the challenges, put in effort and you will make it.

We have such a long coastline but we do not have any decent passenger ship under Indian flag. Why we are not building one, because we are lazy. We will earn little bit and then start devouring it without trying to build something bigger and better.

There is a huge problem of parking. Are we doing anything about it? Call Lalit Modi and he will do something. People were after Dharam Teja but I have not much knowledge on this except to say that I sailed with those who worked with Jayanti Shipping and they were full of praise. “khud kutch mat karo aur dusron ko bhi mat karne do”.

We cannot detect production of “hooch” and then cry, “aare kasab aagaya”. We go to UN and say, give us Lakhvi. Will you make pickle out of him or eat him up? Tweeting is for you and me and for youngsters. However, we will go to China and try to tease them, look I am a better twitter than you and more Chinese are following me. What do you expect in return? “Maotai” and steamed prawns? “heropanti chodo aur chupchap kaam karo”.

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