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Leaning on a learning curve

The learning curve refers to the curving line of a graph, rising from a base bottom left up towards top right. We talk of a steep learning curve, meaning that we have to learn a lot in a short time. A shallow learning curve would relate to a relaxed period of learning in which we take our own time and are not pushed by our teachers. Actually, something with a steep learning curve is an advantage and visual viewing play a pivotal role in the upbringing of student-teacher relationship.

The term is often used incorrectly in the present day educational system, and a steep learning curve often means that something is difficult. Knowledge is power and it is time to have a rational thinking on our much cramped educational system. A learning curve is a process where people develop a skill by learning from their mistakes. A steep learning curve involves learning very quickly. In KG classes, the children are given freehand and they learn from their mistakes. It helps them to make hay when the sun shines. Instead of going through books, note books and hours in classroom environment, the children feel free what they like to do under the supervision of a guide in the form of teachers. From scribbling in a note book to spraying the colours on a drawing sheet, children take things rather lightly and thereby learn from mistakes to take well directed route.

Paying importance to practical way of learning pays greatly for a highly intelligent student and offers him the freedom to reach the top. Apart from classroom session, children are taken out with their rain coat during a rainy season, or by allowing them to play on the mud to learn the gardening experience or by taking them to railway station to know about the local passenger trains all provide maximum exposure during the growing up age and get stamped in their minds greatly.

Children love to learn by gaining practical experience. They learn a new subject or acquire a new skill by learning from their mistakes. We have all been through a steep learning curve to master the new procedures. We expect learning curve as we develop the project. What makes learning curves more enjoyable is judged from the way the young ones are willing to attend each day of the school and never be whining school boy. This is a better way of planning rather than putting pressure on ourselves and passing on to the student.

This makes it easy to engage in learning, and the real-time feedback of our wisdom in the moment is more obvious to us when we are not judging our process. We are going through the process of learning and try to become spiritual beings having a human experience, and we all have various learning curves and are navigating within time bound exercise. Learning from Gayatri mantra in the early morning hours is immensely helpful. The vibration from the mantras is worth experiencing from an early age. By organising a get together of all children or having a grand parent’s day in the school make children more comfortable and corner the glory when they grow up in their life. Therein lies the real success.

Jayanthy Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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