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Letters to the Editor: 5 August, 2019

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FEATURE LETTER DIARY 679x400 e1545637164261BEST buses aren’t the best anymore

The BEST bus services are no longer the best as the name suggests. Bad management and rude staff hurt passengers very much. The condition of the buses are also not good. The brakes fail anytime and anywhere during the journey. The staff also does not give a proper answer to our queries whenever we ask them anything. Therefore, people do not prefer travelling by the BEST bus; and rely on share autos or share taxis. I don’t think the BEST will revive the losses that have had all these years by reducing the bus fares; they should’ve thought of it long back, not now. It’s too late.

Jubel D’Cruz


Mumbai monsoon musings

Even as rains lashed Mumbai relentlessly, a major chunk of the three main railway lines in the city were down for over five hours, resulting in commuters being stranded at railway stations. When office goers reach railway stations in the morning, many had to return home after waiting for hours for trains. There were failures on the Western Railway (WR), the Central Railway (CR) as well as the Harbour and Trans-harbour lines. Harbour line was worst affected as the train services resumed late in the night. Due to water-logging at number of stations, the CR had temporarily suspended services between CSMT-Vashi on the harbour line and between CSMT-Thane on the main line. The services were running only between Vashi and Panvel and CSMT-Bandra/ Goregaon on the harbour line. Mumbai monsoon musing continue to give too much of stress to daily commuters.

Akhilesh Krishnan


Dwindling population of tigers

The population of tigers the world over is reduced to just 3900 and miniscule when it comes to India. The forest cover itself is giving way to infrastructure development which is the main reason why tiger population may become extinct in the years to come. Forests, animals, mountains, rivers as well as oceans are natural gifts from Almighty which make ‘life’ possible and beautiful on earth. They all contribute to existence of life on earth.

Human beings have become selfish as they exploit nature for commercial gains. The balance of all living and non-living things have to be maintained in the right ratio for life on earth to exist for centuries. We need to plant more trees, breed more wildlife including tigers on a regular basis and not just crying of their diminishing number on targeted ‘International Days’. Save earth, save wildlife’ should be the motto everbody should follow for long existence of life in the universe.

S.N. Kabra 


Support unification of PoK with Kashmir

An era of change in new governance with NDA-2 in power at the centre was evident from similar voice coming from Indian Army Chief and Indian Defence Minister on occasion of Kargil victory-day on talking in one tone that now India will focus mainly on Pak-occupied-Kashmir in talks if ever to be held with Pakistan. Otherwise till now talks were always limited on maintain status-quo of Kashmir.

If opposition parties including regional parties in Jammu and Kashmir have even a little bit of courage and nationalism, they should issue statements in favour of Indian government. Commitment to bring PoK back with Kashmir in India needs also to be welcomed by National Conference and PDP if they claim to be real Kashmiris because unification of Kashmir should be dream of all Kashmiris.

Madhu Agrawal


RBI shields and patronises wrong-doings of NBFCs

The Reserve Bank of India through an RTI response openly shielded wrong-doings of torturing money-lending business by Non-Banking-Finance-Companies NBFCs like an NBFC-agent rather than regulatory-authority when the central Bank provided an analytical detail on suggestions to regulate NBFCs especially in their money-recovering process from those trapped in their net through luring mobile-calls. Significantly these NBFCs dominate loan-takers through financing by public-money of public-sector banks which is also unduly justified by RBI which avoided giving data of complaints against NBFCs.

RBI justified filing of court-cases by NBFCs for recovery in cities other than of loan-takers despite NBFC-office being also in the city of loan-taker simply to unduly harass loan-taker attending courts in far-away cities. Even loan-takers in metro-cities like Delhi are dragged to far-away cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur etc.

RBI justified formality of delivery of legal-notices by NBFCs without actual delivery in conspiracy with courier-companies denying compulsory sending legal or court notices through reliable mode of registered post. RBI justified NBFCs luring and encouraging loans through mobile-calls where such loans are even causing suicides.

RBI denied fixing any maximum-limit of interest-rate on loans by NBFCs even though funded by public-sector banks through public-money at comparatively quite low interest-rates. RBI rather should have referred the matter to National Anti Profiteering Authority in case it was in itself helpless to regulate NBFCs for money-minting at cost of funding by public-sector banks.

God alone can save the country and its people where officers of regulatory public-authorities like RBI behave like agents of regulated private players against interest of common people. Vigilance-enquiry should be initiated against RBI officers working like their agents having justified even illegal wrong-doings of NBFCs which even are contrary to Law of Contract.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Change of attitude the need of the hour

Recently, social media was aghast to see the video of an Indian family caught stealing accessories from a hotel abroad. The viral video showed they had lifted much more than mini-toiletries; hotel authorities found ceramic liquid soap dispensers, hairdryer, towels and more in their bags. Most frequent travellers were angry and posted the video mentioning why some countries ‘do not like Indian tourists’, and others criticised the family for bringing ‘disgrace to Indian tourists’.

Seizing the opportunity, a Delhi-based e-commerce website for travel and hotel booking has shared an old video that explained what can be taken from a hotel and what shouldn’t even be attempted. While it is understood that mini- toiletries can be taken, many travelers are also known to pack bath and face towels while checking out. The 2.10-minute video serves as a tutorial for those who are in the habit of packing things that are not theirs. This attitude reveal our state of mind and such an indifferent way of stealing gave a bad signal and so in future the Indian tourists should desist from such practice and earn lost name in the days to come.

Muringatherry Ramaswamy Jayanthi 

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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