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Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2018

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1) Don’t demoralise IAS officers

It refers to the central government approving the direct appointment of the non-IAS specialists from the private sector for 10 posts of Joint Secretaries in the Indian government. The move will demoralise the IAS officers and will adversely affect the administration work because of the demoralised IAS officers. Those passing through tough-most competitive examinations and interviews for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) are naturally best talented ones sacrificing lucrative service-offers from the private sector and foreign countries. Another factor is why those leaving highly-paid private jobs will like to be posted as Joint Secretaries with much low pay-scale.

On the contrary all bureaucrats are governed by ministers (centre and states) which neither have the administrative experience nor even educational-qualifications of a graduate level at times. First and foremost need is to establish some Indian Legislative Service (ILS) which may be compulsory to be passed by those desiring to contest direct or indirect elections of any kind. It will also abolish dynastic politics prevailing in most political parties.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) Economy heading to high interest rate regime

Repo rate increase by RBI at this stage is not a wise decision when the industry is in doldrums, crude price increases; the growth atmosphere has still not got a grip. It is like pouring oil on burning fire. Rethinking should be done to withdraw this increase will be a solace to all concerned. All the money is swallowed by NPA customers and now the government wants NRIs to contribute the lion’s share of deposit comes from foreign flow to India due to a higher rate of interest. And the government think that the economy can be tamed that way, but not doing anything to tame the other factor of crude oil prices and the related inflation. How about giving some benefits of the higher crude prices to the majority people in the country rather than few riches to keep inflation check? The banks will not increase the deposit rates because of this increase in repo rate. They will increase only the lending rate to improve their profit. Since the inflation is related to crude prices, dependence more on crude oil must be avoided and alternate energy must be developed. Why not consider impounding additional revenue, for a certain period, on account of the price increase accrued to oil companies for taming inflation. When employees’ DA increase used to be impounded to handle inflation pressures. Crude is a commodity and is bound to be volatile, what matters is the monetary and fiscal policy of the central bank and the government at this hour.

– Anandambal Subbu


3) Entertainment programmes for family help to get the best out of your employees!

Without doubt, Mumbai is a happening city which never sleeps and people here put up longest working hours compared to any place across the globe. People get more fatigued and frustrated travelling to their workplaces than working on their assignments which is demoralising at times. Short breaks of 10-15 minutes for rest, meditation rooms and fitness centres are some of the facilities employers can offer to rejuvenate their employees at times when they are fatigued. Providing air conditioned travel facilities and good healthy food too can help to get the best out of your workforce to increase productivity!

An employee would always give his best when his family is happy. Cultural entertainment programmes including movies at the auditorium for the entire family once a fortnight would certainly cheer up the workforce which would be visible in the output he delivers at his job. The approach towards employees should not be rigid and employees should be given incentives for their hard labour which would egg them to give off their best.

– S.N.Kabra

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