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Letters to the Editor: June 21, 2018

1) Pleasant ending of conflict

It is satisfying to note the ending of the conflict between the bureaucrats and the political rulers in Delhi resulting in ending of sit-in by Delhi Chief Minister at LG House following participation by officers in meetings called by ministers on June 19, 2018 subsequent to a cordial appeal by the Chief Minister assuring them of full security.

It should be hoped that the political rulers and the bureaucrats of Delhi state will now onwards work with complete cordiality and self-respect for each other in the larger interest of people of Delhi to avoid any future governance-crisis in the state. It seems that some backdoor diplomacy following support by four other Chief Ministers to Delhi Chief Minister might have resulted in breaking the stalemate.

– Madhu Agrawal


2) Politics in Kashmir

Unmatched BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir was a practical necessity after hung assembly emerged in the state for too many reasons. But after the brutal killing of army-person Aurangzeb and journalist Shujaat Bukhari during one-sided ceasefire during holy Ramzan with the then Chief Minister Mahbooba Mufti continuing advocacy for soft stand on the stone-palters extension of the ceasefire, it was well timed that BJP withdrew itself from the government resulting in the resignation of Mehbooba Mufti. It is noteworthy that Mehbooba Mufti could not utter a single harsh word against BJP after her resignation. It may be that BJP might have utilised the alliance-period for knowing weaknesses of PDP and Mehbooba Mufti, and for this reason former Chief Minister may be kept in control in future.

It is now for definite that strong steps will now be taken against stone-palters and militancy during Governor-rule in the state, and rest of the period before 2019-elections to the Lok Sabha will be best utilised to implement a fresh Kashmir-policy based on the ideology of ruling party at the centre to bring the troubled state in national streamline. It is not impractical if people of Kashmir can be felt to realise that separatist leaders have their selfish interest in such movements like managing undisturbed examinations for their own kin and causing hurdles in examination-centres for general Kashmiri students.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


3) Back door exit for Chanda Kochhar!

Chanda Kochhar’s stint at ICICI Bank is all but over as she has been granted leaving till the investigations on loan fraud are completed. This one believes is a backdoor exit for the former ICICI Bank honcho and the events unfolding comes as a surprise. Accountability is the key to an organisation’s success and Chanda Kochhar should not be allowed to go scot-free for her actions. She should be asked to be available at the banks premises to answer all the wrongdoings if any. Long leave means goodbye to investigations and this is a bad news for the corporate governance.

The ICICI Bank scandal should act as an eye-opener and government as well as other regulators should tighten screws on corporate governance so that accountability is not compromised in future. Shareholders and other stakeholders of ICICI Bank should take the management to the task at their AGM so that such scandals do not happen in future!

– S.N.Kabra


4) Train-bus, van-truck ramming in UP

Better sense should prevail to avoid road rages as we find Uttar Pradesh is the centre of accidents. How long are we going to ignore the ignorance of the drivers as they drive with ear plug on when a train passes through an unmanned level crossing? These accidents reveal the weak presence of mind of these drivers and their ignorance of road rules. It is time to punish erring drivers if the RTO found them in wrong path during day or night as the innocent lives are lost in major mishaps. It is indeed a wake-up call for the UP government to implement stringent measures control gruesome deaths on the roads.

– Calicut Krishnan Ramani

5) The day of seafarer

We are celebrating the Day of seafarer on June 25.

Seafarer is a multifaced personality, a happy and hardworking fellow, a Monk and a great lover of beauty and music. He has been caring for the environment from much before others in a well defined manner. We often listen about the mental health of seamen. Seamen are tough people and have no need for any psychiatrist. They are however advised to avoid loneliness, be communicative and drink fresh air. Only a seaman can vouch that fresh air inhalation has food value just as drinking water in abundance. Use Cineria maritima non alcoholic eye drops  (homoeopathic, German ), take 2 Triphala tablets with warm water after dinner regularly. Don’t drink too cold water. Now, you can’t be sick. Conduct safety meetings for one hour during which master must draw out the loners. It’s the duty of Master and chief engineer to look for the welfare of the crew.

Maritime education in India is largely very bad. I exhort DGS to do something about it. LBS, what beautiful and brimming (with students ) was this campus. “satyanash kar diya ”

Work to rebuild its glory.

When will you have a good passenger ship under Indian flag?

When will we start dry-docking our ships in India? Work on this please, Let’s celebrate the day of the seafarer.

– Mahendra Singh

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