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Love is a special bond-Part II

The couple who can understand, share and talk (like best friends), be for each other at all times is what it takes to make it an awesome relationship. Love is something abstract; when one experiences that it just happens on spontaneous moment and the essence of love is simply fantastic.

There are people who want love and attention from others mainly due to the fact that they never received it in their childhood or were in broken families. Some are so deprived of it that they desperately need love. Always in search of that happiness in this complicated world with its endless complex situations. Everyone needs love and care in this world in order to lead a normal life. But first one should learn to love themselves. If you can’t love and appreciate yourself, then every moment will seem like pain and tortuous time. One should always have a positive self-esteem because depressed mind will take him/her nowhere.

Well every person has different love story, but sometimes not all of them end in ‘happily-ever-after’ (I mean often people realise that the relationship not working out/ one of them has cheated). Reasons can be many for the love story to end on a bad note. If an individual gets a very bad experience in love very early in life, then he/she has a very negative approach/attitude towards it. But never have such negative attitude towards life or love for that matter. If it was meant to be, it would have been but you see everything happens for a reason. Also some couples don’t get approval by their family due to caste differences or whatsoever reasons; they should never give up on love, even if it means to face many hardships but in the end one shall be blessed with the person they love the most. We are living in such times wherein one has to think 10 times before expressing out their views/feelings in fear of facing a backlash. Well the funny part is certain groups of people are hell bent on marrying off lovers seen out in public/social media celebrating the day of love. I guess they have taken up the responsibility (probably these people are sitting too idle for all this) to unite these young couples in the holy and pure bond of matrimony. Just don’t need to be afraid of any damn group or person, go out on 14th Feb and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

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