Monday, June 14, 2021
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Magnificent knock from Kohli

Kohli’s thunder sends Aussies ‘Down Under’ as India reached the Knockout stage of the T-20 world cup to the delight of the home crowds. Virat Kohli is batting at his very best and it was absolute delight watching him go after the ‘Kangaroos’ who were hopping for their breath with Dhoni’s poster boy sending the Australian players for leather hunt to all parts of the ground. Australia has a strong bowling lineup but the sheer class of Kohli made them look ordinary when at one point everybody thought that the Aussies had a game at their hand.

Captain cool Dhoni’s leadership deserves special mention as he keeps his nerves at ease and inspires his boys to give off their best even when the chips are down. He has often been criticized but he has led his team with example which is the hallmark of a great leader. Our bowling may not be the best in business but our bowlers have restricted the opposition to targets which our strong batting lineup are capable to chase with our fielders playing a role in saving each run which is that much less to score. However, we need to win two more games before our team are crowned ‘T-20 World Champions and here is wishing Dhoni and his men the very best in this endeavour.

S.N. Kabra

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