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Maintain peace by constructing Hospital on ‘disputed land’

Once again, the issue of Ram Janam Bhoomi –Babri Masjid has been toss up by the right wing organization. Two trucks of stones have been unloaded at Ram Sewak Puram by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Ayodhya, and ‘Shila Pujan’ (praying of the stones) has been performed by Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, the president of Ram Janam Bhoomi Nyas. The task of temple construction in Ayodhya has been taken up by the RSS, VHP, Ram Janam Bhoomi Nyas and other “Hindu organisations”. However, the move is largely seen as an attempt by the saffron brigade to create the required momentum for the BJP in preparation for the crucial UP assembly election in 2017. The special kind of stones for carving have already arrived and more artisans will be engaged to step up the carving work so that construction of the temple can be taken up and expedited before 2017.

Though being a staunch Hindu, I feel that in our own “Hindustan” (though India is “secular” by constitution, it’s the only Hindu nation to say…in the world), Hindus are victimized and are being given step-motherly treatment in every sphere and politicians take advantage of any given opportunity to appease the minority community for obvious reasons. Of late, there have been many unpleasant events which have led to friction among several communities in India. I feel that this is not the right time to take up the issue of “Ram Temple” in Ayodhya. I still believe in maintaining peace and live in harmony to save the country on the whole, especially when there is mounting tension across the border.

After all everybody knows that Ayodhya was the Lord Ram’s kingdom. Hence, a temple for him “anywhere” in India (not necessarily near the disputed site) could be built for the betterment of both the communities. In fact, many Muslims feel and have been endorsing that they enjoy better living and freedom in our country as compared to Islamic nations. It would be, of course, better for them to understand the facts and the gravity of the situation and extend a helping hand in arriving at an amicable solution to the Ayodhya crisis. Have they not seen in several places in India, many mosques and temples existing side by side and conducting their respective activities peacefully?  We are experiencing since childhood that people of both the communities believe in “give and take policy” and helping each other –especially during the festival season and at the time of severe calamities like floods, earthquake too. I can cite recent example of Chennai floods where Ashrams and mosques door were opened for all. So, why not in Ayodhya too?

Of course, it is a fact that several temples were demolished and Mosques were built over it during the Moghul invasion and regime. However, is it necessary that history should be repeated?  We can’t afford to have violence and bloodshed year after year. After all, what are we going to achieve by building a temple or a mosque after several lives have been lost? Will Allah or Bhagwan Ram happy with the act of killing innocents?

By tossing up such issue time and again, we are only preventing the government and the administration from doing their constructive work and also giving opportunities to several political parties and its leaders to take advantage of the situation for their personal benefits. No one is sincere and honest in co-operating with the central government or coming out with concrete solution on the issue.

Meanwhile, I have a solution to the issue. It is worthy to construct a “super speciality hospital”, laden with all the modern amenities and hi-tech equipments, instead of a temple or mosque. This will certainly prove to be a blessing for the poor of all communities. Perhaps, the hospital can be aptly named as “Ram-Babri Hospital”.

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