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Make MP’s accountable for parliament disruptions – Part I

One more session washed out literally. This winter session of Parliament witnessed more of disruptions and hooliganism inside the Parliament for one issue or the other. The opposition parties just did not want the Parliament to conduct the business and take up several bills that were lined up to be cleared during this winter session. And the behaviour and the body language of many opposition members were totally unsavoury, indecent, to say the least (I don’t wish to use any harsh words. Lest I may be charged for accusing the Hon’ble MPs !)

It all started with the long debate on the issue of intolerance followed by untimely and unwanted statements of ex-Congress minister Kumari Selja who had said that her caste was being inquired when she visited a Lord Krishna temple in Gujarat two years ago. Later when the law took its own course and the Hon’ble court issued summons to the top brass of the Congress party related to the National Herald case, there was total pandemonium for another 2-3 days. Then the subject of the meeting of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Paris was taken up to create tension in the Houses and later Sushma’s report on her visit to Pakistan, also was jeopardized. There were other trivial issues like Rahul Gandhi’s allegation of being denied entry into Barpet Satra in Assam (purportedly by RSS) and the Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy being not invited for a function presided over by Modi. The CBI raids on the Principal Secretary of Delhi Chief Minister Rajender Kumar, has been taken up to create a ruckus in Parliament and prevent any business being allowed to be carried out.

In the context of only disruptions being witnessed in Parliament, without conduct of any business on daily basis, I have some serious views and suggestions. There must be strict norms and rules for the business to be conducted and bills to be taken for debate and clearance during the commencement of Parliament session. If need be, let us have a law for the conduct of business to be done in Parliament.
We are aware that when even a housing or a cooperative society or an organization calls up a general meeting of members, the agenda is defined and fixed and the Chairperson takes up only these as per order for necessary discussion and approval. Similarly, even in an AGM of corporate company meetings, items are taken up as per the agenda already sent to the members/shareholders etc. and accordingly discussed and ultimately resolutions passed to the effect. Moreover, in every meeting, by and large decency, discipline and decorum is always maintained and due, respect is shown to the office bearers, directors etc.

(This is a first part of the article and the remaining part will continue tomorrow.)

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