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Make MP’s accountable for parliament disruptions – Part II

I strongly feel that even in the case of Parliamentary/ legislative functions during the ‘sessions’, the speaker and the MPs must take up only those bills and subject which require debate, discussion and parliament approval and sanction-like the GST bill, Land Acquisition Amendment bill, Labour welfare bill and so on., which needs attention in this winter session. The talks and debates must be strictly restricted to only those matters which need parliament sanction and related bills to be cleared during the session-period. No outside topics or matters , which are not in the agenda, must be brought forth for discussion like the “debate on intolerance” etc. Similarly, any developments that happen during the course of parliament session, like a summon issued by the court, CM not being invited and so on, must not be allowed at all for discussion, during the session. Above all, no long overdue and near-forgotten happenings or events like the allegations made by Congress leader Kumari Selja to disrupt parliament proceedings must be not be allowed. There are norms like question hour, zero hour, listed item and so on for such issues to be taken up. But these must be duly screened and decided whether to be allowed for debate in the house.

Like in any agenda we have, the last item called “Any other matter”, may be the last couple of days can be reserved for any “so-called” issues and any other matter, to be referred to or highlighted for discussion. But decorum should be maintained.

All in all, if the MPs, beforehand, must be clearly instructed that during the session of Parliament, only those which are listed will be taken up and they all must cooperate to get the bills passed during the said session. Any matter of dispute, indifference will be thrashed out by mutual discussions (like the Prime Minister, Finance Minister exclusively called up the ex-PM and the Congress President in the case of GST).

Our MPs. have never become responsible and accountable to the people at all, for ages. Like many corporate companies having “variable component” salary in the CTC and which is paid based on performance and achievement of given target, our MPs too should have similar rule and adherence. If they don’t perform and prove their worth in the houses of parliament during the sessions, depending upon their presence and performance, their “variable component” must be withheld. In other words, legislators must not be paid their salary, perks and allowances if they don’t perform at all. And for everyday disruption of the parliament proceedings, they should also be penalised as every session cost the nation’s exchequer in crores of rupees and these MPs enjoy almost “free lunch and snacks” provided in the parliament canteen!

It’s high time “law makers” become more disciplined and be made accountable. And, if need be recalled by the people of the constituency he/she represents!!

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