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Media trials against stars Pose challenge for lawyers

There seems to be no end to the Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan feud as both actors continue to make allegations against each other. Earlier this year, Hrithik had sent Kangana a legal notice for defamation and also sought public apology from her. Kangana nevertheless responded with a 21-page reply that accuses the actor for intimidating and threatening her. Thus the tussle between both the actors have turned into a legal battle with their lawyers Rizwan Siddique and Dipesh Mehta sending notice on behalf of their clients. Lawyers of celebrities are often under media scrutiny and they need to handle the case sensitively. If anything goes wrong it may tarnish the reputation of celebrities. Many times media publishes report about the celebrities even before the case is heard and it becomes difficult for lawyers to maintain confidentiality. Thus media trials against stars can pose a challenge for their lawyers too.

Advocate Abbas Kazmi said, “Celebrities have to face the public and media trial. Media sensationalises those reports and it should be highly condemned. Celebrities have their own personal lives and feel that they are being victimised. Many of them feel that despite doing charity work their image is being tarnished. They tend to become frustrated as everything changes within a short span of time.”

Advocate Sushan Kunjuraman said, “Media will only sell what people wants to watch and read. They are more interested in the personal lives of celebrities and want to know what they wear, eat and where they travel. Maximum celebrities crave for publicity. However, there are 10 per cent of such celebrities who don’t want their personal lives to be reported by media. Media will leave no stone unturned to garner TRPs. They had aired footage of slapping incident of AAP leader 50 times. Elphinstone stampede incident visuals were aired throughout the day.”

Advocate and social activist, Abha Singh said, “A petition regarding this incident is yet to be filed in the court and it is only being reported by media. Even though actors have filed a complaint with the cyber cell why they have failed to investigate this matter? If a person’s email account is hacked then three years imprisonment can be awarded to the accused as per the Information Technology act. Public relation firms are planting stories in media and celebrities are getting unwanted publicity. If Hrithik ‘s reputation is affected then he has to file a defamation case but he is not taking any initiative in this regard.”

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