Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Modi targets vigilantism and corruption

In his fourth Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised hopes of kindling a new force to deal with the issue of Kashmir with a will power to achieve success in the end. On this special day, he praised soldiers and the forces coming good at this hour of need. Kashmir issue was created one and the stone throwing youth came into existence since the year 2010. It is time to solve the problem neither by abuse or bullets but with peaceful measures. Once the internal problems are amicably solved then we can concentrate on other key issues. The Prime Minister lays the road map of reviving the economy on an expected lines. The task ahead is difficult but the support of opposition can make things move in proper direction. In the past we might have grown up in despair but now we have to move ahead with grit and determination. Violence in the name of faith is not acceptable and both casteism and Communism are poison to the society. Modi’s warning to black money holders is a rejoinder and the technology plays a pivotal role in helping out the filing Income Tax return and thereby providing clue about the black marketeers and their account come under lens straightaway from now on.  Modi minced words to bring parity of thoughts and mind.

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