Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Modi’s Israel visit

It was history in the making as Modi set his foot in Israel to a rousing welcome to become the first Indian Prime Minister to visit that country. All protocols were set aside for the Indian PM as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warmly welcomed Modi at the airport with a ‘Jappi’ as the two PM’s seemed inseparable with the cord they hit in a few seconds from their historic meet.

India has found a brother in arms in the form of Israel and the two nations would go a long way in ending global terrorism from earth by working their way towards this goal. Jewish community has an Indian history and both countries can create milestones working in tandem in many areas including agriculture in arid area which is a big positive aspect. Modi is a man with the Midas touch and is today perhaps the most powerful and popular global leader and other countries are keenly watching the transformation our country is going through whether it was demonetization or introduction of GST.

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