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A newspaper which values its readers

I am glad that “Afternon Voice” is coming out with its Anniversary issue. My best wishes to your team and the management for the issue to come out very colourful, interesting and worth cherishing. I am ardent reader and a regular contributor to the popular newspaper of today in Mumbai-Afternoon Voice.  What I like the most is the coverage of over all events of city, suburbs and national importance. The Editorial on key subjects and events and issues are always worth reading.

Coming to contributions from readers, as I have observed earlier too, Afternoon Voice is the only newspaper which does total justice to the readers and the contributors of opinion and for the Dairy column. Why I say this because, of late almost all the newspapers have nearly removed the “Letters to the Editor” and do not seek to elicit views from the regular readers. Letters/Opinions columns have either vanished or have been shrunk that these are hardly seen. But, I love the way the AV publishes the contributions and opinions of its readers – quite prominently. Almost all of my contributions have been published in full and prominently too. The photograph of the writers add colour to the write-ups.  As a letter writer/ contributor to the media for over 40 years, it was only in the 80s-90s that newspapers used to give importance to the readers’ views later they started devaluing them. But thanks to newspaper like “AFTERNOON VOICE”, readers like me have started writing with new vigour and energy as a reader’s full and complete views are published without much editing of the same and undiluted too.

Awards & events:

It’s good to see that AV dedicated its awards function to the much needy and affected people in the society. Like the last year, the farmers’ families were invited and offered financial assistance. Similarly, this year, in May’17, you had  dedicated the event to the victims of acid attack and daughters of sex workers for their education. These are extremely laudable causes indeed.

Also I have seen that really worthy people from various  fields who have contributed to the welfare of the society, and who are not known much in the society, are brought into limelight, their work and contributions recognized and awarded by AV. This boosts the morale of these award winners to carry on with their work and service with more dedication and spirit. I also liked the way I was asked to speak at the end of the award function this year too……and glad that we-the contributors – could get our good photographs, of being awarded by the chief guests.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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