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No finance to go for another election: Pawar

Pawar bats for stability in Maharashtra and offers support to BJP.

Pawar-LeadThe BJP may be celebrating its assembly poll victory in Maharashtra but the party has failed to reach the magical figure of 145 seats required for the formation of the government. On the other hand, the Nationalist Congress Party has surprised everyone by announcing an outside support to BJP as everyone is expecting the party to have an alliance with Shiv Sena. Sharad Pawar who according to many leaders has been responsible for the breakup of the Mahayuti alliance is keen to revive his party’s fortunes by providing outside support to BJP. Pawar said that his party has taken this decision in the interest of people of Maharashtra. He said no other combination was feasible going by the number of seats won by major parties. According to him the state can’t afford to have another election as it will put a burden on the exchequer.

NCP chief Sharad Pawar said his party will provide outside support to the BJP, which is 22 seats short of a majority in the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly.

“For a stable government and in Maharashtra’s interest, the only option left before us to help the BJP form its government,” Pawar said, “adding, “The decision may not be in consonance with our ideology.”

Pawar’s statements came a day after his party’s Praful Patel made a surprise offer to the BJP even before the final results of the Maharashtra elections were out.

“No party has got absolute majority in Maharashtra. The other option for us was the NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena coming together. But that was not possible,” the NCP chief said.

The NCP has taken this stand to keep the Shiv Sena out of power in Maharashtra for five years. The party is aware that both Sena and BJP were at loggerheads over seat sharing issue hence it is trying to take advantage of the rift between both the parties. Ajit Pawar has been elected as the Legislative Party Leader of NCP.

NCP leader Ajit Pawar said, “For a new government in Maharashtra, there needs to be stability. That is why Praful Patel offered external support to BJP.”

“We want to work for the people and solve their issues,” the former deputy chief minister of Maharashtra said.

The BJP won 123 seats in the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly. The NCP has won 41 while the Shiv Sena came second in the state with 63 seats.

The BJP is yet to respond to the NCP’s offer. Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi had termed the NCP as “naturally corrupt party” and also had criticised both Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar.

Pawar lauded his party workers over the victory and said the elected MLAs will work hard in their constituencies. “Our workers have done a great job. We will work to our best efforts and play a crucial role in the assembly,” he summed up.

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