Monday, June 21, 2021
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Peaceful polling

Women voters registered a higher polling percentage than men in the first phase of elections for 65 assembly constituencies in Assam.  Data release by the Election officer show that the voting percentage of women was 82.58 while that of men was 81.84. Even elderly women took up the responsibility of voting and it is a good sign for elections to follow in other states as well. First phase of Assam election went of peacefully barring few stray incidents. There were some issues with EVMs in some booths which were immediately addressed for smooth functioning of EVMs. This is the first phase in a larger election season in which five states will go to the polls. The election commission and its sincere servants deserve all praise for their efforts to conduct the elections in remotest part of the country in a most professional manner. The election officials need to put in some more efforts to keep the EVM machines in order so as to enable to have smooth polling. It will be a superhuman effort to conduct elections in India. And in Assam elections gender bender revealed women outclass men in a very narrow manner.

Nickhil Mani

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