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Please do not escalate environmental dangers

The acute water scarcity in Maharashtra and the World Water Day all created an awareness and most of the housing societies in Metro city like Mumbai celebrated a dry Holi and it is a step in the right direction. When people of other regions of Maharashtra are longing to get a bucket full of water Mumbai city should not and could not afford to waste precious water in the name of playing Holi. It is a matter of great pride that housing societies in and around the city took cue from the Chief Minister’s statement and adhered to the instructions in a most positive manner. After all water saved today will be handy when we face such a stiff situation during severe summer season. Both the people of the State and the Chief Minister deserve credit of making the dream come true. Already the city is experiencing air and noise pollution and the festival of colours generally enjoyed with different toxic colours spread in the air and the beats of the loud speakers pitching a new high to the bollywood tunes. The high decibel level of noise disturbs the sick people, senior citizens and the new born babies. This is the main cause for the environmental dangers facing the city along with the acute water problem already existing.  Government should issue strict guidelines asking citizens to save water. And illegal tapping of water by certain strata of society needs to be looked into with proper solution to address the problems of slum dwellers. As far as the people living in the Metro should be able to take up the issue in right spirits and make concerted efforts to preserve water till the time we get sufficient rains to meet our daily water requirement.


C.K. Ramani

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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