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Please ensure our security Christians urge Modi

Christians want the government to take steps to make them feel safe in India.

Churgh-LeadThe Christian community has been demanding security from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the occurrence of incidents like Church which was set on fire in Delhi and conversions been happening in some parts of the country. The Modi government had come to power by promising acche din for voters but seven months have already passed but the conversion issues have taken centre stage. The government has been criticised for its stand on making Bhagavad Gita India’s national scripture, promoting Sanskrit as third official language and rewriting history in a manner which glorifies Hindu culture. Thus minorities are being marginalised in the country. The Christians are asking Narendra Modi to intervene take the appropriate action to prevent these incidents which pose a big threat to the unity of India. They urged the Government to uphold the secular nature of India, guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

According to Dr Anthony Raju, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, “Indian Christians need guarantee from the Government that we are protected, secure and safe in our motherland. Putting an end to such dangerous tendencies is inevitable for the growth and progress of our great nation. This great secular nation has to remain as a place where people of all religions and of different cultural backgrounds should live freely, practising their faith without fear or threat and in harmony.”

All India council of human rights, liberties and social justice has been added as signatory and affiliated to United Nation Global Compact. The All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice (AICHLS) provides free legal support to the Christians in India and abroad absolutely free.
This organisation is functioning with commitment to the noble cause of human rights protection and promotion, justice for all, economic upliftment of the underprivileged, education, love, peace, harmony and friendship.

“We are establishing “Human Rights Committee” and “Free Legal Cell” at every church of this country under the All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice (AICHLS) added Mr Anthony.

Austin Miranda, Vice President, REACH NGO said, “I don’t feel threatened. My God is there to take care of me. Why don’t the higher authorities go and speak to the PM and do something.”

Johnson Saldhana, Youth Coordinator of a Church in Mumbai said, “All Christians across India should remain united in all kind of circumstances. See Delhi elections are approaching, but tell me what is happening in the name of development? Everyone follows different systems and cultures but one should learn to respect and co-exist with each other. Taxpayers’ money should be used judiciously and development should take place after considering all the economic aspects of the classes.”

Dolphy Dsouza, Convenor, Police Reforms Watch said, “This was expected. Modi’s governance should bring out the right kind of development and not focus on making India a Hindu nation. Good governance is what people except from the PM Modi, and all efforts to create division in the name of religion should be suppressed.”

Jubel D’Cruz, writer said, “Our present-day politicians do not care for the people and they have no respect for the common man, especially the minority communities. In the name of religion, they destroy religious structures and kill people belonging to the Christian religion. Christians in India are being persecuted a lot. Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi should know that Christians in spite of being numerically a small minority community, contribute a lot to the nation.”

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