Sunday, June 20, 2021
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PM is becoming very generous

Prime Minister Modi is becoming wiser and more generous in his praise for the opposition in getting the GST Bill passed in both the houses of Parliament. On the other day he was ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of Dalits and now gives credit to the democratic ethos of India instead of praising his own efforts. His strong view that one party had birthed GST and another brought it up gave the message.  Instead of trumpeting the performance of his own party, he did make a mention about role of the Congress and other like-minded parties in passing GST bill rather smoothly.  Barring AIADMK all others were present on the occasion.  AIADMK is the singular party object solely without an aim instead of supporting the Modi Government from floor of the house. The repeated wall outs before voting proved their mettle in obstructing the progress of the country.  This generosity touched a new high at a time when the Modi Sarkar will be credited for bringing this landmark tax reform is seen as a welcome sign as both the BJP and the Congress would have to co-operate going forward in the roll out of the GST with government setting an ambitious deadline of 1st April 2017.  GST is cleared for the transformation of India.

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