Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Political slugfest

After the demonetisation issue cropped up in the Parliament and the winter session was wasted without business and now the topic revolves round army chief’s appointment. It is a customary practise that that a person having outstanding track record getting preference over seniority in Indian working system and army postings is not an exception to this. To make matters worse a political slugfest broke out over the new army chief’s appointment with Congress asking the PM to spell out the compelling reasons for making such a change. These postings have taken place during the Congress rule also but the authority of the ruling party was not questioned. As Congress is desperate and the opposition is tasting blood during every opportune moment the going for BJP is tough. It has been a whimsical cherry picking by Congress in the past now acting and the pot calling the kettle black. Political slugfest will continue as the top leaders of the opposition do not have a regular job to do.

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