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Popular vs Unpopular

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Know-your-neta-02-10-2014-leadThere is no renowned face in Vile Parle to challenge the sitting MLA Krishna Hedge. Hedge is a popular leader in this constituency and has done several developmental work. BJP has fielded Parag Alavani while Shashikant Patkar will be contesting from Shiv Sena ticket. The other candidates include Suhas Shinde from MNS and Yogesh Indulkar from NCP. Voters are aware about Parag Alavani and Shashikant Patkar but none of them recognises Sushas Shinde and Yogesh Indulkar.

Earlier, ex-corporator Parag Alavani and his wife Jyoti, a corporator, had quit BJP but they rejoined the party before Lok Sabha election. However, the banners in Vile-Parle announced that Mr Alawani had first tried to enter the Shiv Sena and the MNS and returned to the BJP only after those parties did not entertain him.

On the other hand, Shashikant Patkar has acquired several flats in the western suburbs of Mumbai on the basis of bogus ration cards. These flats were acquired by Patkar under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) project, which his own construction firm has undertaken.

Earlier Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray was planning to contest the assembly elections from one of two constituencies in Mumbai Dadar or Vile Parle. Later he did a rethink on his decision.

Krishna Hegde had helped secure Bhavesh Parmar’s release from a Pakistani prison, and British activist Jas Uppal. Bhavesh Parmar, a resident of Vile Parle suburb in northwest Mumbai, went missing in 2005 after he lost his father to cancer and was himself sacked from job.

When AV spoke to voters about the candidates who are contesting election from Vile Parle many of them said that they will vote for a candidate who will resolve their problems.

Rajesh Gupta a shop owner said, “Mr Hegde has undertaken some development work. However, we continue to face traffic problems and scarcity of water. I am unaware about which candidate is contesting election. Whichever party comes into power it should resolve traffic issues and improve security.”

Feku-Gupta-(Hawker)Feku Gupta a hawker said, “Krishna Hegde has done some development work but I will vote for BJP.”

Ram-Jatan-Yadav-(Hawker)Ramjatan Yadav a vendor said, “Shashikant Patkar has done some work our constituency. They should tackle issues like rising inflation.”

Samshuddin-(Adv)Samsuddin an advocate said, “I am aware about candidates contesting election. The party which wins must resolve the problems faced by the common man.”

Dhananjai-Kamble-(Shopkeeper)Dhananjay Khamble a shop owner said, “I will vote for a candidate who performs development work. I think BJP should not have broken ties with Shiv Sena.”

Sagar-Vaishnav-(Shopkeeper)Sagar Vishnav a shop owner said, “Krishna Hegde is a good candidate. Sometime Mr Hedge and Shashikant Patkar passes through this area.”

Varun a shop owner said, “Krishna Hedge won’t win election this time as he has done nothing for shopkeepers. Hawkers are earning more money than us but they don’t pays taxes but we have to comply.”

Rajendra-Mishra-(Shopkeeper)Rajendra Mishra a shop owner said, “Krishna Hegde has constructed roads. Shashikant Patkar is likely to give stiff competition to Krishna Hegde.”

Sukumar Pujari a shop owner said, “I am aware know about all candidates contesting election. Shashikant Patkar will win the election this time.”

Shravan-GuptaShravan Gupta a hawker said, “I am not satisfied with Krishna Hegde’s performance.”

Shreyas-Jain-(Jeweller)Shreyash Jain a shop owner said, “I think BJP will win the assembly election as they are in power at the centre. If other party comes into power then difference of opinion is likely to happen.”

Noor-Muhammad-(Repair-work)Noor Mohammad a shop owner said, “After winning election candidates forget about voters. We need a candidate who will address our problems.”

By Maya Gohil

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