Friday, July 30, 2021
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Potholes causing hardships to citizens

The death of teen biker riding over a pothole in Bhiwandi shows the callousness of the state administration in curbing road accidents. Potholes pose a great problem for road users as the drivers will have to negotiate through all these craters filled with water to escape from serious mishaps during the monsoon season.  Even the life span of tyres is coming down drastically by going through these problematic roads. Trying to avoid a pothole put paid the hopes of a youngster as he fell on the road and the passerby were simply onlookers and never cared to lend a helping hand. The lackadaisical approach of the hospital authorities in dealing with accident case show that there is no value for human lives. Monsoon menace through potholes is posing great problem and it is better to avoid using two wheelers. Wearing helmet can prevent fatal accidents.

Rugmini Krishnan

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