Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Privatise banks and make up the loss

Seventeen Bank Chiefs fell head over heels to finance an over financed and sinking ship Kingfisher Airlines as they received the crumbs thrown at them by a crook called Vijay Mallya and enjoyed his munificence caring least for the welfare of the bank they headed. Now they are trying to gather any valuables out of the ashes from this airlines and whisky empire. On 28th February Legal advisers advised the bankers to approach courts and stop this thug from fleeing the country, and again lethargy overtook these Rip Van Winkles and they slept over the matter and the thug flew out of his nest on 2nd March. Now what next? Congress which nurtured Mallya and made him Rajya Sabha MP is now blaming the Government for having allowed him to run away. Blame game has started. PSBs are turning into grave yards. Frauds galore NPAs at historic levels and employee morale is at the lowest ebb again. Consolidation and selective privatisation seems to be on cards.

Nickhil Mani

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