Home Entertainment Bollywood R Madhavan sheds 15 kg for boxer’s role in ‘Laal’

R Madhavan sheds 15 kg for boxer’s role in ‘Laal’

R Madhavan sheds 15 kg for boxer’s role in ‘Laal’

r_madhavanActor R. Madhavan, who turned 44 recently, is stationed in Los Angeles for the last six months preparing for a new film “Laal” in which he’ll be seen as a boxer. He has lost 15 kg to look like a boxer.

“It’s been a time of a complete physical revamp for me. I’ve been in LA training and preparing for my part. My entire body structure and body language has changed. I now walk and think like a boxer,” Madhavan said during a phone call from Los Angeles.

Madhavan brought in his birthday June 1 with his close friends.

“It was just small dinner here with close friends, that’s all. Unfortunately my wife Sarita and my son Vedant couldn’t be here for my birthday. They are joining me later this week. We’ll be spending a three-week holiday together.”

“After the kind of training I’ve gone through during the past months, I think I’ve earned myself a break,” he added.
About his longish break from the big screen, Madhavan said: “It is very important for every actor to take that time off to re-invent himself. Otherwise you end up being a parody of yourself.”

“After ‘Vettai’ in Tamil and ‘Jodi Breakers’ in Hindi in 2012, I needed time to introspect. I think I am ready to start a new phase in my career.”

As for his new film “Laal”, it’s story is reportedly partially inspired by Muhammad Ali’s life.