Monday, February 6, 2023
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Rebels may dent BJP’s dreams

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BJP’s plan to win the assembly election might backfire as rebels may play spoilsport.

Modi-Wave-LeadThe BJP might be banking on the Modi wave to win the assembly election but the party may have to pay heavy price for sidelining those workers who have worked hard at the ground level. Of late, the saffron party has been giving more prominence to those candidates who are willing to bring funds for contesting election. This move has created resentment among those party workers who have been working actively for the party. If these candidates are denied tickets then they will contest the election as independents which may further affect the performance of BJP.

The assembly election is a different ball game altogether as there is no guarantee that the saffron party will replicate the Lok Sabha poll performance. After the demise of Gopinath Munde BJP lacks an able leader who can effectively campaign and take allies together. Amit Shah had enabled the BJP to sweep Lok Sabha polls in UP but he is unaware about the Maharashtra politics. The decision pertaining to seat sharing and ticket distribution are taken by him and Narendra Modi. Most of the time tickets are issued to those candidates who are close to these leaders there by creating injustice against meritorious candidates. There is a huge disconnect between the senior leaders and lower rung party workers. The party is issuing tickets to those candidates who are unaware about ground realities. The central leadership doesn’t appreciate the work of party cadre workers without whom BJP wouldn’t have achieved victory in Lok Sabha polls. Modi did not even thank these workers.

BJP’s below par performance in the by polls held in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan has come as a wake up call for the party. Thus saffron party can’t rest on its past laurels and will have to pull up its socks to prepare for the assembly election. The party has been bargaining for more seats with its ally Shiv Sena which is unwilling to offer more seats. Sena has already warned the BJP to avoid complacency and learn lessons from the by poll result.

The results are not reflective of the Modi government’s performance at the Centre,” said a senior Shiv Sena leader, who refused to be named, but also added, “The by-elections should be a lesson for the BJP. Our criticism of the Modi wave is vindicated by these results.”

AV spoke to the common man on the street to know whether they are happy with the functioning of Modi government. Here is what they have to say

Satish-pujariSatish Pujary a rickshaw driver said, “The government has not done anything for the poor people. Things continue to remain the same.”

Rakesh-YadavRakesh Yadav a rickshaw driver said, “We need properly constructed roads but nothing has happened after BJP has come to power. I will vote for Shiv Sena.”

Rajendra-YadavRajendra Kumar Yadav, a Dairy proprietor from Kandivali said, “I didn’t notice any changes happening till date. We continue to face electricity and water scarcity problems.”

Aabdul-SamadAbdul Shamed a bag shop owner from Kandivali said, “Maharashtra is undergoing several problems which need to be addressed. This time I will vote for Congress as it had undertaken developmental work.”

Raju-GuptaRajeev Gupta a garment shop owner from Kandivali said, “Prices of essential commodities is increasing day by day. Poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer. I will vote for a candidate who will work for the welfare of masses.”

Jagadish-SingJagdish Singh a vegetable vendor said, “Where is “ACCHE DIN”? The Modi government has increased railway fares after coming to power.”

Hari-TiwariHari Tiwari a vegetable vendor said, “Yes the Modi government had performed a good job of starting “Jan Dhan Yojana” for opening bank account for the poor people. Nobody can bring changes within 100 days as it will take some more time.”

By Maya Gohil

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