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Relevance of Teacher’s Day

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Teacher’s Day every year is celebrated on September 5th and it is the day which is dedicated to commemorate the entire community of teachers across the nation. Teacher’s Day is celebrated to pay tribute and heartily respect to the teachers of the nation who have contributed a lot towards the betterment of the society by imparting education. Teachers are reckoned as the backbone of the society who put all their efforts to shape the career of the students and help them become successful citizen of the country.

For all the students, Teacher’s Day is the most auspicious occasion where they get the opportunity to pay tribute, gratitude and reverence to their teachers for the extraordinary support and unselfish effort in shaping the career of the students and for enhancing the education system of the country with their unique learning processes. Teachers treat all students equally and take proper care of the students and love them as their own child. In real life we usually owe them more than our parents. They play a crucial role in arousing the heart of all students and light it up with education and knowledge and help them in eliminating regret and ignorance.

Jubel D’Cruz

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